About Our Pharmacy

About Us

Located in Bellerose, NY, we serve Bellerose, New Hyde Park, Floral Park, Bellerose Manor, Stewart Manor, and Glen Oaks and local within proximity to the pharmacy. We firmly believe being a community pharmacy allows us to integrate custom healthcare services for our clients and exceed their needs resulting in a better quality of life. At our pharmacy, you are family.

Delivering Exceptional Service: Enabling Personal Connections

Jericho Chemists prides itself on a distinctive approach to service, which is rooted in a deep understanding of both the service provider and the recipient. At the heart of this approach is the belief that the inclination to serve is inherent within individuals, waiting to be discovered, rather than something that can be taught by the organization. The true essence of service cannot be pre-checked or sampled; it unfolds in real-time during the interaction between the service provider and the customer. These critical moments of service delivery can either solidify or shatter a company's reputation. In our industry, the outcome often rests on the shoulders of front-line employees – the drivers, cashiers, technicians, and clerks – who are frequently undervalued. At Jericho Chemists we prioritize attitude and compassion.

Jericho Chemists employs individuals who genuinely enjoy interacting with others and are inherently driven to serve them. Competence can be cultivated through training; however attitude is deeply ingrained. A sense of pride and being associated with the best leads to the commitment to delivering high-quality work, and the ability to contribute effectively as a team.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service you.

We look forward to “creating a healthier way of life and a healthier you”

Stay Well!

Your family at Jericho Chemists